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Copying items from our special collections

All photocopying and scanning of material from our Special Collections and Archives is undertaken by staff. We can provide:

  • Photocopying
    • 30p per A4 sheet, 40p per A3 sheet
  • Scanning
    • £3 per for the first scan; £1 for each additional page/item
    • Scans can be emailed or provided on CD

Not all of our collections are suitable for all types of copying; in particular we cannot photocopy the following:

  • Photographs
  • Fragile items or materials that may be damaged by the copying process
  • Foldout plates, maps, plans or any single item larger than A3
  • London Directories

Wherever possible we will offer an alternative (e.g. scanning or researcher's own digital photography), but we reserve the right to refuse to copy items where the copying process will cause damage. Furthermore, copying orders can only be processed if they are in accordance with current UK copyright law. Copyright in photographs and other artistic works is particularly stringent; it is illegal for us to copy images without the copyright holder's permission.

Digital Cameras

We welcome researchers to use their own digital cameras (no hand held scanners or pen devices) to copy items. There is no charge but please ask permission before taking photographs.

Placing Remote Reprographics Orders

We offer a full reprographics service for readers unable to visit the Bishopsgate Library. You will need to print out one of our Application forms ('Application for non-commercial purposes' if you want the copies for research or study, or 'Application to make commercial use of materials' if you require copies to publish) and state the precise references to and nature of the copies you would like made. We are happy to provide an estimate of the number of copies and the charge in advance of making an order, please contact us with the reference and description of the material, and we will respond with the quote.

Limited resources mean that staff cannot look through files or boxes in order to select items for copying. If copies of individual items from a file are required, a simple file reference may not always be enough for us to locate the papers to be copied quickly and easily. In such cases users will be asked to visit in person, or to send a representative, to select and mark up items for copying themselves.

Please note that a £5 administration charge applies to all orders sent by post. Cheques drawn on UK bank accounts only.