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A City at Risk from The City?

Uploaded 17/08/2011

The recent financial crisis has demonstrated how vulnerable the world is to the actions of its financial institutions. It has provoked questions about the power of, and lack of control exerted over those who influence our economy. Because economic power in London is centralised mainly within the square mile, this relatively small geographical area wields an overwhelming command over not only the rest of London, but far beyond. We have witnessed the fall-out from this economic clout recently, but there are also benefits to living in a world financial centre. Does the City threaten or contribute to the city that houses it? Nicholas Faith examines the City, its power and pitfalls. Nicholas Faith is a former senior editor of The Economist and the Sunday Times. His books include Safety in Numbers: The Mysterious World of Swiss Banking. This event was curated by Robert Elms as part of the London in Peril season.

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