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Information Dissemination in a New Media Age

Uploaded 19/01/2012

Information Dissemination in a New Media Age Curated with Little Atoms as part of Whose Mind is it Anyway? at Bishopsgate Institute With rapidly developing new media and modes of mass communication, we continuously absorb information as well as giving information about ourselves. From political leaks to twitter, mobile location finders to credit card use, information is collected and roams. The beneficiaries are clear, with possible political advantages, marketing opportunities, subliminal advertising and surveillance as well as greater access to information for all of us. Who controls what information is circulated and to whom? And to what extent does censorship conflict with freedom of information or overlap with data protection and privacy? Speakers included Heather Brooke (writer and journalist), Professor Brian Cathcart (Kingston University) and Peter Barron (Google). The event was chaired by Becky Hogge (Little Atoms).

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