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Bishopsgate Institute Podcast: 'Those Lovely Trans-Atlantic Invaders' - American Woman in Victorian London

Uploaded 08/02/2012

The phrase ‘those lovely trans-Atlantic invaders’ from Edith Wharton’s novel The Buccaneers describes the many young American women who lived in the UK between 1870 and World War I and made places for themselves in English life. These included independent professional women such as journalist Elizabeth Banks, actress Mary Anderson and singer Antoinette Sterling. They knew everyone in London, from HM Queen Victoria to George Bernard Shaw and many other leading figures. This illustrated talk provides an overview of this group of determined and talented women who contributed to the literary, political, social and artistic life of their adopted country. Some stories are romantic, some tragic, but all are compelling. Dr Jane S. Gabin is an educator and writer living in New York City and North Carolina. Dr Gabin has published three books, most recently American Women in Gilded Age London, and has also contributed to several encyclopedias and volumes of essays.

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