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Poptastic: Music in the 80s

Uploaded 01/10/2012

Rewind 30 years to the 1980s. Hairstyles may best be forgotten but the pop music of the time had more to recommend it. Punk was fading into softer, more electronic genres as music technology evolved. The ‘New Romantics’ emerged as a dominant force in music championing fantasy and the imagination with bands such as Spandau Ballet and Culture Club enjoying chart success. The early part of the decade saw a revival of Ska whilst the charts were later dominated by pop producers Stock Aitken Waterman. Take a trip down music memory lane and recall the significance of the 80s on the music scene. Speakers include Gary Kemp (musician, songwriter and actor) and Pauline Black (lead singer of The Selecter, song writer, broadcaster and author). The event will be chaired by Robert Elms (writer and broadcaster).

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