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The Legacy of the Iron Lady: Are we all Thatcher's Children?

Uploaded 26/11/2012

The first female prime minister who also won three consecutive elections. But Margaret Thatcher is arguably better known for the policies to which her name became attached and which significantly altered the social and economic face of Britain. Yet despite deeply divided opinion, has ‘Thatcherism’ actually been embraced and sustained by subsequent British political parties? Privatisation, free market approach, cuts to taxes as well as welfare spending, and tougher constraints on trade unions all appear to have featured in the policies of the main British political parties. Has there been a convergence of Thatcher’s policies from all sides of the political spectrum? This debate explored the impact and legacy of Thatcherism on Britain. Speakers were Owen Jones (author and journalist), Mark Field MP, Clare Short (former Labour MP) and Lord Parkinson. The event was chaired by Aditya Chakrabortty (The Guardian).

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