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Seconds Out: A New Look at the Marquess of Queensberry

Uploaded 29/05/2013

The Marquess of Queensberry is perhaps as famous for his role in the downfall of one of our greatest literary geniuses as he was for helping establish the rules for modern-day boxing. The imprisonment of Oscar Wilde following his romantic interest in the marquess' son, left Wilde a broken man and Queensberry labelled a spiteful and villainous bigot. In this talk Linda Stratmann paints a more complex picture of a man who suffered tragedies of his own and who at the time was considered a radical thinker and a champion of women's rights. Linda Stratmann is the author of eleven books on crime, fiction and historical biographies including Chloroform: The Quest for Oblivion, Notorious Blasted Rascal, Greater London Murders and The Marquess of Queensberry: Wilde's Nemesis.

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