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The ANC's London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid

Uploaded 19/06/2013

By 1966, the Apartheid regime in South Africa had all but annihilated the African National Congress (ANC), imprisoning its leaders or driving them into exile. To help keep their message of struggle alive and maintain a strategy of resistance from within, young men and women in London smuggled ANC literature into South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. Sworn to secrecy, their work remained silent for forty years but in this unique event the London recruits tell their story and discuss the role of international solidarity and collaboration in today's world. Speakers included Ronnie Kasrils (founding member of Umkhonto we Sizwe and former Minister of Intelligence Services) and recruits Mary Chamberlain, Katherine Levine, Tom Bell and Ken Keable (also editor of London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid). The event will be chaired by Professor Barbara Taylor (Queen Mary, University of London and Director, Raphael Samuel History Centre). In partnership with the Raphael Samuel History Centre.

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