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A 21st century Magna Carta

Uploaded 16/07/2015

The City of London played an active role in the events that led to Magna Carta’s creation in 1215 and one of the few remaining copies resides here. To mark Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary we asked for suggestions from individuals and organisations throughout the UK for what should be included in a 21st Century Magna Carta. These were considered and discussed by a distinguished panel with their recommendations put up for debate. Panellists includedJustin Fisher (professor of political science & director, Magna Carta Institute, Brunel University). The event will be chaired by David Bowden (Institute of Ideas). 'Justice, Money, Power' is presented by City of London Festival in partnership with Institute of Ideas.If you enjoy listening to this event do take a look at the other events we have coming up.

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