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Red Ken's GLC: Loonies or Visionaries?

Uploaded 21/10/2015

Between 1981 and 1986, Ken Livingstone led the most experimental, controversial and influential city government in modern British history. In Promised You a Miracle, a new and revelatory book about Britain in the early 1980s, acclaimed historian and Guardian journalist Andy Beckett uncovers the forgotten triumphs and disasters of Livingstone's Greater London Council: from its doomed attempt to make the capital a citadel against Thatcherism to its far-sighted efforts to transform London for women and ethnic minorities. In conversation, Beckett and Livingstone discussed the GLC's brief and dramatic life under ‘Red Ken’, how it was linked to the other radical forces altering Britain in the tumultuous early 1980s, and how it helped create the London of today.If you enjoy listening to this event do take a look at the other events we have coming up.

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